Most people ask me "How do you do it Gary? seem to be always on holiday whilst holding down a day job.....".

You must be making millions or selling drugs !!! Well here is the truth... it’s actually simpler than you think, but it does take one special ingredient ......... you! Here's my way of thinking. ...........I tell people that travelling the world is about choices... or more accurately, about making choices.

I am lucky enough to be a self-employed business owner and I have given myself plenty of flexibility, but I know plenty of self-employed business owners who are slaves to their business and miserable.

I have also met plenty of people of very little means and normal jobs, who have been to over 100 countries because they choose to do with less and slum it a little. But let’s look at a scenario of an average person with an average job, and what choices anyone could make to give themselves the actual living dream of travelling the world. ​

Now firstly, you need to lose the pre-conception, that travelling the world means selling all you own and heading off into the blue yonder in one hit. Travelling the world, means literally travelling the world, when it suits you, at your own pace, in your own style on your own budget. So, if you visit 3 or 4 new places every year, you are literally....Travelling the world! Ok, let’s make it simple and dispel the following common .... Excuses!...No money, no holidays, flights too expensive, destination too expensive and the biggest clanger of all........... too dangerous!!!! No Money What would you say if I told you that most people on average incomes... already HAVE the money.....ok, ok , don’t go screaming at me, telling all the reasons why you can’t because your life is terrible etc... hear me out.

So, most of us have debt of some sort, car loan, furniture loan etc ... 57.5 inch tv on credit ... whatever. Let’s take the car as a shining example. So, you work hard, you deserve a new car.... Which costs you say.. £400 per month over 3 or 4 years.... That’s £4,800 per year!!! Imagine selling the car, buying a cheap one (which will get you around) and having that cash to spend on flights, Air B&B’s, amazing food, tours to places that will blow your mind!! Something you can talk about in the pub instead of saying.... I went for a drive in my shiny new Kia Sportage today! ​